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Is this the best, or is the high approach better?

( FYI @mark5000 )

Don’t think the bots are decided… They’re both good we know that much lol

One thing I’m intending to explore is making this topic read-only, so that when someone comments on a position, the followup comments also go onto the position (and get cross posted here).

Of course, that will only make sense when the comments are in the position in the first place, which they aren’t right now in the beta instance because they are on my dev machine, even though the link is pointing to the beta instance…

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The question is too imprecise to answer correctly. LeelaZero network 132 plays both and gives them win rates within 1% in many cases. So neither is the fixed or definitive “best.” Instead, the best move will vary depending on each board position’s physical circumstances and the aesthetic tastes and plan of the player playing. The low approach emphasizes territory; the high approach lacks emphasis on territory.