Dismiss free trial

I was met today with this banner:

I acknowledge I have a 7-day free trial and appreciate the gesture, but is there a way to dismiss the banner? Or do I have to activate it right now for it to go away?


I went ahead and propagated this feedback to the GitHub PR: Trial period by anoek · Pull Request #2667 · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub


Ehh, right now it’s activate it to make it go away. This is primarily because I was lazy and following the other path “If I dismiss this, can I activate this later?” Raises the question about how that would work and where it would live, etc. Just me being lazy… I reckon I should figure something out though.


Some of us cheapskates like to save our free trials for when we can use them efficiently, if possible.

It does take an impressive amount of screen real estate on the home page currently, especially on mobile.