Display SGF as On-Screen Text

I would like to request a feature that displays SGF files as text on the screen.

Users could then use the browser’s ‘Select All’ function to copy the text. A small text area for this feature would suffice.

While I appreciate the current functionality to download SGF files, some Go software allows for easier playback by pasting text directly from the clipboard. This feature would enhance user convenience.

Would you still be able to download, or would downloading now take extra steps of creating a blank .sgf text file? Because I’m not convinced it would be beneficial to improve one use case only by breaking the established use case

I think it would be good to keep the traditional SGF file download feature as is.

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Which software is it? So far I’ve only experienced saving a txt file as an sgf file but I’ve never needed the txt file by itself for any software.

For example, there is software called Lizzie.

There is also a ‘Paste SGF’ button in the OGS SGF library,

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I also use Lizzie, and pasting SGF from the screen is indeed easier than downloading it and finding the right file in my downloads folder. I agree that a copy-paste option should be an extra, with the download option still existing. And this is nice to have, but probably less urgent than all the annoying questions about ranking and scoring :slight_smile:


Wait I also use Lizzie and I always just drag and drop the sgf into the interface.


I’m not saying that it can’t be done with drag-and-drop of files.

If an SGF text display feature is implemented, you can just use Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C (in OGS), and then Ctrl+V in the Lizzie Window to paste it. There’s no need to drag files anymore.

Could be an interesting feature request to Lizzie to accept a URL for SGF…


If text copying is implemented, it will be convenient not only for Lizzie but also for pasting directly into sites like fujigoban, without having to search for downloaded files. Here’s the site:

So, I think the versatility in convenience is high.

Sometimes forum users paste sgf files here.

Oh, is there a discourse goban plugin or something? That would be quite nice :slight_smile:


YES, that would be nice but NO, there doesn’t seem to be such a plugin, otherwise we’d quite probably have it here :slightly_frowning_face:

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Personally drag and drop is faster than Ctrl A, Ctrl C + Ctrl V for me lol

Maybe instead of having to display the SGF text in some new area and requiring the user to select and copy the text, it might make more sense to have a button which would just directly copy the SGF text to the clipboard without ever having to display it. From the UI side this could just be a button below the existing “Download SGF” button for “Copy SGF to Clipboard” or some other verbiage.


I understand that for some people, dragging files might be faster.

A minor drawback is that downloading files can clutter up the download folder, making it messy.

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If this is possible, that would be even more wonderful!

It looks like for the new challenge link stuff there is something similar to try to automatically copy the link for the user. While it should work in most cases, it isn’t guaranteed to work in all browsers though. In this case if it can’t be automatically copied, the link is displayed as a popover which the user can manually copy, which seems like a reasonable solution. Obviously, copying is only one piece of the puzzle for this feature request, but that part should be doable.