Displaying trend line on profile rank history

Would it be able to display a trend line on the ranking history as there can be a lot of up and downs and it is interesting to look at the trend over an extended period of time.


On Profile there is trend line.

Do you mean do a linear regression on the rank estimation after each game?
Why would I want to open my profile page to look at an horizontal line?

EDIT: on a more serious note, it would be nice to be able to download all your profile data. Maybe have a separate page with “advanced” settings to get it.
Some people might come up with cool visualisations for it.


Rating history is available through API.
After last rating system change, the link has changed too but it’s available somewhere here on the forum


replace “Player_ID” with your actual player ID


This is nice, thanks!
It doesn’t provide the date though… Unless I’m missing something,
Is there another endpoint which one could query to get the game itself (and get the date)?

Got Stats? might be what you’re looking for, although you still have to match IDs to the game. Also I think the “ended” column (the first one) is the time in seconds after some start time. If you can convert that it might help.

unless you’re talking about pulling SGFs in bulk, in which case I think there is a source, but I forget how

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I wasn’t thinking about downloading SGFs, but would be keen on looking into metadata of the games. “Got stats” seems to cover a lot of the things I had in mind, though.

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