DIY convertible storage goban

right :slight_smile:

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I made a goban several years ago. To make the lines, I used a drafting pen and a ruler. Be sure to seal the wood with a coat of whatever varnish you plan on using before you apply the ink, otherwise, the ink will bleed into the wood resulting in unclean lines. After drawing the lines, I used an eraser shield and an eraser to clean up the lines a little more. I then used a spray varnish to apply a couple of coats over the ink to protect it. It came out looking great and was pretty easy, if a little time consuming. If I can find a picture, I’ll upload it later.


Here is a link to a few photos of my goban. If I had it to do over again, I would use a slightly thinner drafting pen. I used a 1mm pen because Sensei’s said that, traditionally, the lines were 1mm thick. However, I had to go over the lines a second time to ensure that they were even and dark, which thickened the lines just a tad too much.


I think that looks really nice. Even with the lines a tad heavy.

For this build I decided to outsource the tachi-mori though, cause ritual suicide isn’t my thing…yet. @smurph

So I found a local shop that can print a file from the board generator @trohde linked. They have some kind of UV reactive ink that is dry as soon as it hits the surface. That way the black ink won’t run in the raw wood. Once that is done I will apply the colonial maple stain and finish with a Danish Oil mix. Then rub in a wax top coat to wrap it up.


Nice! Be sure to post some pictures when it’s all done.

Clearly, you have some woodworking skills. Making my goban actually got me really into woodworking. From the first shaving with a smoothing plane, I was hooked. Now I have a pretty decent little shop in my shed and yet another hobby to serve as a productive distraction.


I wish I had Go skills to match :joy:


Well, that’s what the goban is for. One step at a time :smiley:


Indeed! Surely it’s better to get this out of the way now, so as to spare myself the distraction of board shopping that would take away from my studies.


I actually made a small 9x9 once using a laser-cutter and that Gungfu-script trohde posted. Was always planning to do a 19x19 using some nice wood. However - never got to do and and lost access to a big enough laser-cutter and just bought a nice Goban in the end. Not a floor-board though.

I am looking forward to your final results. Please do post pictures.


Time for a pic-heavy update. I got the grid printed with 1mm lines, 4mm Hoshi points and traditional Japanese cell sizes (changed my mind at the last minute).

While the lid was in the print shop I beveled the base lip edge to make the separating gap a little less harsh. Easier on the fingers and the eyes.

And finally here are a couple of pictures with a board position recreated from move 62 of a championship game between Fujisawa Shuko and Nie Weiping.

Now all that’s left is to stain and seal the wood. The print shop recommended I save that step for last. Hopefully I don’t mess it up now! :dizzy_face:


Personally I prefer it the colour it is, but still really nice build! Man, you did a good job.


Looks great! Someone said they like the color it is now and I agree. Either way, lots of fun to be had on that board for years to come. Great job!


@Skurj that is one amazing goban! good luck with the finishing touches! :clap:


I like the white color too, but it just feels half-a$$ed if I don’t give it a full treatment. That’s really just my own personal issues bleeding through though. Any other time I build with raw pine it’s for rough framing jobs that get covered up with other materials. I wanted this board to feel fancy, and exotic hardwood wasn’t in the budget. So I had to add color. Had to. :laughing:


ZOMG, that grid looks SO CLEAN … wow, amazing!


Thanks. I’m really glad I paid the shop to do that part. This is meant to be a fine (and useful!) furniture grade piece. I’m not knocking anyone who has done their grid with a drafting pen or sharpie but I didn’t believe that method would turn out nice enough for what I wanted.


Can I ask how much the print shop charged you?




Worth it. Looks great.


The staining is done and mostly dry.
Here is one shot in daylight

And another shot at dusk with a flash