Do bot rankings change?

Do the rankings of bots change?

At the start of this game BadTenuki vs. amybot-ddk the bot was ranked 12K. By the time we finished it dropped to 13K and now it is at 15K.

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Yes, the rankings of bots do change indeed. The rating system is never sure what their true rating would be, but that doesn’t mean their strength changes over time.

It might be an interesting idea to tell the rating system the fixed ratings of certain bots, but that’s not done at the moment.


The ranking graph tells you about this: it shows the uncertainty that the system has about the rank of a player (or bot):

You can see that at the point that I chose (red dot) the rank was given as 12k +/- 1.9k

The “+/-” indicates the uncertainty about the rank, and corresponds to the blue shaded part of the graph.

It can be read as saying “the true rank could be anywhere in this shaded blue area”.

Not surprisingly, the actual rank assigned goes up and down, as the player/bot suffers more wins or losses in a row. It’s encouraging for the rating system that for a player (bot) of known constant skill, the rating graph stays pretty much horizontal on average…


Thanks. One more question - Does the margin of victory/loss (or resignation) affect the ranking?

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No, the only thing that is used by the ranking system is which of the players wins, so the margin is not important. A win by 0.5 points, a win by 100.5 points or a win by Resignation all count equally.