Do players gamble on OGS?

Do players gamble in OGS? Are there any players participating in gambling in OGS ranked games? Is gambling allowed in this platform?

Aren’t the gamblers on Tygem?

We don’t, but i would personally love to be able to make bets on games ^^


I have never been to that server

Not that I want to advocate such things but - how would that work exactly? I mean

  • would there be some kind of cut-off where you could only place your bets before like move 50 or something? It seems ridiculous to allow people to continue to place bets once one player is obviously ahead, etc…
  • in games where there is a 2-3 stone difference, wouldn’t people just bet on the higher ranked player?

Bets should be made before game starts, gamblers can make their decision according to the player’s past results.

The lower rank player may have higher odds, vice versa.

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Well, Tygem has 2 phases. Not sure why.

But disregarding the fact that there won’t be any betting (the US gambling mafia regulations are quite strict), the natural way to approach unequal probability of winning is odds. That’s why the payout is bigger IF the underdog wins (and the reason why bet manipulation is a lucrative business).


Ok, I gotcha. I guess I’m just thinking - when 2 people start playing on OGS, it’s pretty instantaneous - i.e. there is no significant time interval where “bets can be made before the game starts”

So - if betting was a thing - I’m guessing there would have to be some sort of imposed interval between the moment when a game between two players is announced (so that people can evaluate the odds and place their bets) and actual play commences…

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What about betting between the players? A dollar for every point difference in score, or something like that. I guess that only works over a real board, to prevent people from using bots… is the Korean tradition.


What kind of bet? On the result? Or on the next move?
EuroGoTV has implemented a betting system for the next move on games they stream from top tables at some tournaments. Is not money, but some points you can earn tagging photos.

Gambling is big in Asia. Chinese chess more often, less on go.

I do not think people here have interest on bets

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actually, i have been thinking about just that. wouldn’t it be fun if we can play GO like poker? like I can bluff and force you to fold (surrender), but that may backfire if you answer my bluff. or i can make traps to look like i am the underdog and when you have put down the money everything magically turn around.

That’d be an interesting twist! Players can bet on any move, up to a maximum amount, and the other player must either resign or match the bet.

I feel betting like on Fox might be an interesting addition, as long as it’s for a virtual currency only. I sometimes wonder if “gamification” elements in general might help to increase Go’s “stickiness” factor especially with newer players or those who enjoy video games.

Things like betting for a toy currency, achievements, experience points (that are also gained when a game is lost, as long as it’s been completed), cosmetic rewards such as fancy decorative borders around the avatar, stone and board textures, etc and so on might motivate people to play more, more regularly, and perhaps provide incentive to explore formats that they otherwise shy away from (blitz, live, correspondence, other board sizes), though I can think of concerns and counter arguments against such additions, too.

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Might as well go straight ahead and bet our Glicko ranking points. :thinking: