Do we have any plan to support Alipay or WechatPay from China Region?

Credit card is not popular in China region, and Paypal was blocked with some known or unknown reasons.
So, do we OGS have any plan to support Alipay or WechatPay? Their APIs are super easy to integrate.

And a lot of high dan players live in China.

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Unfortunately AliPay rejected us from using their payment system, no explanation why, but I assume it has to do with their strict laws around games what’s allowed and what’s not. It could be we were rejected in error, but it’s all pretty opaque. WeChat doesn’t support recurring payments. So, I’d love to, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards at the moment.

(That said, it’s been a few years, I opened another ticket to followup and see if we can work out the alipay thing, so we’ll see if I can get that turned on)


thank you my hero.
there are a lot of laws around games in China. the main requirement is that game server must be in China. So it is better that do not apply interfaces from Alipay as ‘game’.
maybe online service is easy to apply, I don’t know more about it.
but also thank you for your trying.


Maybe apply as mind sport?

China has been the main organiser of the first world mind sports games (wmsg) in 2008.


Sorry for OT and I’m not making a political statement but China being a leader in mind games made me chuckle!

Ahh interesting, that makes sense. If I have the opportunity to update the application I will do so with that in mind, thank you for the idea.


Not mind games. Mind sports. (I edited my post, sorry).
IMHO, there is a lot of empathy to them (the WMSG was a huge event with a respectful investment) so it’s crucial to distinguish them from video games and gambling (which are at the opposite side).

Not going on politics, just so we get more Chinese players and their support.

FTR I went back and forth with them about this and unfortunately if you do anything to do with “Gaming” then you fall under AliPay’s Restricted category and are thus prohibited from using AliPay. So unfortunately, unless that changes, we’ll never be able to accept AliPay.