Do we really need notification that a live / blitz game has started / ended?

Isn’t it obvious?

cat for 20-characters: ~~~~(==^owo^)=

Don’t know about what we need, but I surely don’t need those notifications.

Not the faintest clue what this is about. I guess that you started to type and your cat took over?

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Discourse demands that OP content contain at least 20 characters.

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If you’re accepting a challenge obviously the game starts straight away, but if you posted an open challenge or are competing in a live tournament, new games could start at any time and you would certainly need notification of this fact.


In any case, pretty sure you can turn off these notifications in sound preferences if you don’t like them :man_shrugging:

I interpreted the question as referring to these notifications.
Easily cleared, but for the rest they seem redundant to me.
I clear them regularly (sometimes to find a friends request) and they don’t bother me.

When in a game the Tournament on Twitch or *Closius is live *etc. notifications do block the White players profile, which sometimes is inconvenient.

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If that is the case, it is already acknowledged that our current implementation is not ideal. These notifications are being asked to fill a void they were never designed for. A complete overhaul of the notification system is in the works but will take some time to get right.