Do you have a Go game routine/ ritual?

It seems that I have kind of unconsciously settled on

  • Watch a Go video (usually a pro game with commentary or a tutorial)
  • Eat some kind of chocolate
  • Listen to kpop

How about y’all?


Maybe the following routine

  • Look at my vision board and create an entry in bullet journal
  • Have a refreshing, healthy snack, like a kale bar or quinoa smoothie
  • Wear something comfortable and cozy
  • Make a sacrificial offering to Cthulhu
  • Listen to some smooth jazz

Although, I really don’t do anything in particular

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Follow-up questions

What does it look like

Does it have a quote on the cover?

no follow-up questions here

what exactly, I’d like to hear advice on the subject by an SDK, maybe my offerings aren’t appropriate

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Sorry, but my hopes and dreams are deeply personal

“Dance like no one is watching”

You’d want to go with some sort of larger mammal. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly blood) to appease the dark lord, in order to reach and maintain an SDK rank.


I have almost the same!

  • Put some jazz playing on the background, lately i’ve listened lot of those “youtube radios” by these channels: and
  • Get myself a drink, having something to hold on my hand prevents me from playing moves too fast. Anything will work, but i prefer beer or wine since being slightly tipsy makes me play better moves ^___^
  • If the timesettings allow, i’ll go outside for a smoke somewhere around early mid-game when i have sente. I still have fresh mental image of the board so i can use those 3-4 minutes on figuring out my strategy from there on.
  • If im attending to local rl-tournament i make tsumegos on the train and go thru my corrs to prepare myself for all the reading. Also on rl-tourneys i try to be at my designated board before my opponent so i can choose my own seat, i prefer sitting my back toward the nearest walking path so i wont get distracted by people walking pass and looking at the games.

Large mammals? :thinking: :bulb:

“Yannena’s historical Chess club members mysteriously go missing soon after Go DDK moves into town”.


If it’s morning and I don’t have coffee I play a disaster (tested and proven).

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What is a go game routine? Like what you do before playing a game? I guess mine is like

  • rage quit whatever issue I’m working on
  • go on OGS and click the Automatch button

Yeah same! I cant do anything properly without coffee, so thats the first thing of the morning for me xD

Problem with hot drinks like coffee and tea as “sports drinks” with go is that they get cold real fast. I dont want to know how many times i’ve forgotten cup of coffee on the table when playing :<

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Yes, especially “official” games.

Half the year I drink iced coffee and I enjoy tea at any temperature. It lessens the problem, but yeah I can’t drink hot coffee that has gotten cold.

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I always find myself playing after I watch someone else play. Some Badukbum, Batts, Clizz or Antontobi stream… then dive in thinking “I can play like that”. :slight_smile:


I personally like doing a traditional tea ceremony in parallel to playing. So my opponents think that I’m reading 50 moves ahead, when in reality I’m counting seconds to pour tea from a teapot to make sure my green tea or oolong is not too strong…


I generally play my moves in the evening, one per day in the middle game, or more if some moves are forced. I eat dinner listening to the radio and reading the newspaper and then check the TV schedule to see if I want to see any old movies that are on—if not, I go downstairs and read a book for an hour or more, usually with a cup of tea while listening to traditional jazz/blues. Then I cruise around the Forums for a bit, sometimes with music in the background, and look at my games (without music) to decide on my moves. Then I go back downstairs again and read for an hour. If I still like the moves, I play them and finish the evening with more reading, which is conducive to better sleep. This routine is often varied when I omit some reading in order to watch Dwyrin or Ben-Kyo, who are my favorite streamers.


I can play anywhere anytime on my phone. I just need the motivation to do something that will ask so much from me.
If i didn’t play for a long time, i will doubt. So i will hesitate and maybe take a long time to chose where to play under which name. Something like that.

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No particular routine in general. I may play moves in correspondence games at any time of the day or night. In a delicate situation I may delay my decision and check other variations a few hours later.

For live casual games I choose the server that generates the least stress at the moment and just press the automatch button.

Online EGF rated competition games are more stressful for me. Earlier in the day I may practice tsumegos and/or replay a pro game. Then a few minutes before the game I stretch my muscles in order to relax. The stress is usually gone as soon as the game begins.


Well, here’s my ritual:

  1. Put on a medallion with a turtle.
  2. Prepare delicious tea or coffee.
  3. Turn on pleasant, mood-appropriate music (I include instrumental compositions, guqin, shakuhachi, erhu, etc.).
  4. Calm the breath and thoughts.
  5. Give up the desire to win. Cast out the fear of losing.
  6. Be filled with serene benevolence.
  7. Tune in to a pleasant pastime.
  8. Start.