Do you listen to music while playing? Got better / worse results?

If it is possible do you listen to music while playing? Did you had any experience considering connection music with game.Let’s say you listened to classical music and you felt like you had better results while doing this.

By classical music I mean the overall genre of Western classical music as defined in here. Mozart / Bach / Beethoven/ and others.

There has been studies that listen to Baroque music in p[articular stimulates brain. However I had also read that it is actually like the music and if it does not bother you. So for some people it might be even death metal (supposedly). If spoken lyrics do not disturb you. Still I think western classical without lyrics would be best since it is with natural rhythms more with natural rhythm.

What do you think about that. How are your experiences with that?

I sing while streaming Go on Twitch and it has distracted me quite a bit :blush:


That seems like a conscious behavior requiring focusing / changing attention so no wonder it did. I mean music that goes in the foreground and perhaps stimulates the brain without loosing focus on gameplay.

I get better results when I read a Go book to one album and then listen to that same album for several games. I have to select new music for each book. I try to make the music fit the theme of the book.

I play games while listen to whatever I feel like listening to, and I see my games shaped by the emotion brought by each song. So yeah I think it does have effect on your games, but in good way I think.

Edit: also I remember my losses whenever I listen to the song again, and then I run into my bed and cry into my pillow T_T

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alphago have you actually lost any games :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost against myself a lot jubba xD


I enjoy listening to music that doesn’t have lyrics while playing, but classical music is too soothing for me. I often listen to Two Steps from Hell or the soundtracks of various anime (Hikaru no Go, Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho etc.) I only started doing this after Congress this year, and I’ve found it to be really helpful when trying to focus on a game. :smile:

Yeah I think listening to something… youthful would be good while playing Go.
Not to say that classical music is old, but somehow the western feel of them fit a reading session more than a playing one to me.

Depends on the individual’s receptivity to it. I for one cannot concentrate because the music will either be enjoyable or annoying, Both are which distracting to me.

Wow. That might give interesting results. I will try that out. Maybe there is subconscious information written and than it releases at the sign. I mean like in hypnosis when people react to the signs there were suppose to react even though they are not consciously aware of it.

Usually, I listen to music while doing everything and anything on the computer, except playing Go and, of course, watching videos.

But it’s curious that you’d mention baroque music. I’ve always felt that Go and Bach have something in common. Will try playing with the Brandenburg Concertos, next time.