Documentation, manual or FAQ for becoming supporters

Let’s say that someone (humm humm) decided to become an OGS supporter.

It’s easy to find the :star: Support OGS page which explains supporting levels and has links for paying, but … then what happens?

Is there any kind of confirmation? Email notification? Any follow up?

I looked for it in Documentation and FAQ, but found nothing about it.

I have nothing to complain about, I’m just curious about the standard procedure. Maybe that could be added in the manual and/or FAQ.

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Things that I’d like to see in a manual, that aren’t already in the :star: Support OGS page:

  • currencies (at first I didn’t even notice that they were available… also prices for perks aren’t aligned, at least between USD and Euro, so now I don’t know what I should expect after my donation)
  • informations to be given with payment (username? any other?)
  • confirmation (email, PM, notification?)
  • reasonable time to see something happen (hours, days,weeks?)
  • contact (in case of doubts or questions, just not to bother whole forum with personal problems)

Actually I’m just anxious because I made a donation few days ago and still nothing happens.
It could just be talking its time, or I could have done something wrong, but at the moment I just don’t know what’s happening, if something is happening.

I’m an old dinosaur and am not used to online transactions so I’m kinda imagining my money disappear drawing spirals in the deep web or something, while probably it just takes some days to make their journey around the globe.

((but my wife, which is younger, buys stuff on Amazon and the next day they knock on our door…))


I am not sure I understand this, whenever I switch a currency it switches the ammount needed for the chosen supporter level which is highlighted below. Is this not the case for you? USD and EUR are of relatively similar value currently so perhaps that why it seemed nothing changed…

All payments are handled by well established external services, not by us. And anyone who ever used any of these is likely to know what to expect and the information is asked immediatelly after you select one of the services. Thus I feel there is not much need to clutter the interface with relatively redundant info which differs depending on the payment menthod and is shown immediately after clicking it…

This is a good question though, and to be honest I am not sure and don’t remember how it went for me :smiley: I guess it might be worth to tag @anoek together with adding a contact info be it on the page or in the confirmation e-mail. Might make people feel more asured.

Online payments work within seconds/minutes which is again well known to people who deal with that stuff, though no harm in adding it to page somewhere I guess.

And thank you for taking the time to write the suggestions :slight_smile:

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My default on OGS page was USD so I made a donation of 30 USD. PayPal automatically changed to Euro.
This is the current change rate:

While, if you switch to Euro on OGS it shows 30 Euro.
I didn’t notice that before. I’m not asking for discounts or complaining about change. Simply now I don’t know if my donation is enough to trigger that perk.
If I need to pay 5 more euros, I will happily do, just let me know.

As an advice, though, let me point that for increasing perks the difference increases too!

I wasn’t talking about that.
I suppose that a text message (in Italian we call it “causale”, I don’t know the English word for it) will be transferred together with the money by the banking system to the recipient.
Just to let OGS know why someone decided to give money.
In my case, payment was made by my smarter wife, so you couldn’t guess from her name that it’s my donation. We did put some explaining text in it, so I hope OGS received it.

It’s the OGS part that we don’t know: the golden name, the “site supporter” tag etc… how long does it usually take to see that?
Is that automatic? Does it need human intervention?
We know that there’s mainly one dev and that he (hopefully) has his own life, weekends, sleeping time and so on. :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe it’s reasonable to wait a couple of working days before getting worried… I don’t know…

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I recently donated to OGS and it went very smoothly. I made a one-time donation using Paypal. I reached a page saying “Thanks for donating $xx.xx USD to, Inc.” with a Transaction ID. When I loaded my OGS profile page, I was instantly a yellow supporter.

That’s not needed. You can’t make a donation if you’re not signed in (try it, the page will say “Please sign in to donate”). Since you’re signed into OGS, the “Donate” button knows which OGS account becomes a supporter.

In my case, payment was made by my smarter wife, so you couldn’t guess from her name that it’s my donation. We did put some explaining text in it, so I hope OGS received it.

If your wife made the payment on her computer and she has an OGS account (even if rarely used), maybe check to see if her account got upgraded instead of yours?

About the documentation, I have a suggestion for the devs. The support OGS page says

all site supporters receive the exceptional benefit of having their games automatically reviewed by artificial intelligence engines running on our high power servers

This is misleading as currently all games are reviewed by AI, whether supporter or not. Instead that sentence should continue “…with more playouts than for non-supporters” and the table below should have a line “Non-supporter” giving the respective number of playouts to allow for a comparison.

Another suggestion: after donating, I was expecting that some page (Profile or Support OGS) would show my current support level and the end date (since a one-time payment lasts one year, I assume). Maybe this information can be added? I guess it could be private and shown only to the user.


Well I don’t know if it’s more playouts, but it’s definitely a full game review. Both supporters and non-supporters get a winrate graph, but the non-supporters only get three moves to show variations as opposed to the full game. Not sure how to convey that briefly.

Well, that’s what I wanted to know.
So now I know for sure that something went wrong.
I reached that page too, but nothing changed in my profile.

That’s enlightening. Thanks.

No, she hasn’t.
I was logged in and started the payment on my smartphone. My wife did the “PayPal magic” since I don’t have PayPal.

I guess the issue is that I’ve been messing around with the amount.
I hope that someone could confirm that and tell me how to proceed. I’d like to have the AI review tool available.

Ok I forgot about that. Well, if that’s the main difference between supporter and non-supporter, then the sentence on the Support OGS page should be changed to something like this:

all site supporters receive the exceptional benefit of having all of the moves showing variations by artificial intelligence engines, as opposed to only three moves for non-supporters.

Personally I don’t find the variations important, so by omitting the “non-supporter” line in the table (implying that it’s not comparable), it feels like someone else’s conclusion was forced on me. I think that the page should give the facts in a neutral way and let the readers compare the supporter and non-supporter parameters themselves.

Maybe add a column with the header “variations” where the entries are either “3 moves” or “all moves”?

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Well damn, you should have lead with that. I am probably a bit dense, but up until now I thought the whole discussion was theoretical.
EDIT: Yeah, upon checking back, you did state it quite clearly, and I just missed it. Extremely sorry about that.

I have alerted anoek, not sure if he’s not asleep by now, but he’ll get back to you as soon as he gets the message. (In the meantime you might try logging out and back in. It is a silly advice, but sometimes it is all the kick the browser needs).

And of course sorry about the trouble, I should have checked properly.

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I didn’t because it’s my first time, I don’t know how it works and I don’t like complaining if I don’t have a good reason.
That’s why I was looking for instructions before asking for support.
In my antique mind it was possible that such transaction could take a while.

Thank you very much.

I did but nothing changed.
Now I’m pretty sure that I messed that up by changing currency.
Please let me know how I could solve this.

At this point it is above my knowledge and access rights, only anoek handles payments. He usually goes online few hours from now (hopefully today won’t be an exception) and will resolve the issue and/or refund the payment if needed.

Sorry again about the issue and me not realizing sooner what it is about, I should have payed more attention.

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Hi Lys,

Sorry for the delay and problems. I found the transaction, it looks like it didn’t go through the automated process but rather a manual payment, I’ll look into figuring out how to better catch those cases on my end. I’ve applied it to your account now though so you should be all set!

And agreed, we / I need to improve the documentation and in particular the communication for the supporter system.


Thank you.
Now it’s working fine.

One year later.
Yesterday my subscription expired.
Today (21/12/21) I did another one, again one year, everything went fine immediately.
Save this for future reference. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: