Does demo board have a finished state?

Hi I couldn’t find the option to finish a demo board game. It has a button for passing but it doesn’t automatically end a game if there are more than 3 passes. I also cannot find an explicit finish button. Is it something available on demo board?

I’m not an expert but I think the demo boards is not for playing games really, more just to show sequences and set up tsumego and such.

You can fork a demo. Then maybe you get a game you can finish in the usual way?
(Didn’t test it)
Hope someone may confirm this.

That’s a bit unfortunate. If I want to play a game but not against another OGS account or against the computer, is there a type of game I can create and finish? It’s for playing with another person who is physically beside me.

Just agree to finish and use the estimate score button? It should be good if you’ve finished properly, closed borders and such.


While the Demo board doesn’t finish/score on pass, you can set the result. Click the Game information button to get to the result field:


I see so it’ll be a user input result not OGS generated one. That works for my purpose. Thanks!