Does early resignation = cancellation?

On Fox Go Server (and I think KGS?) I know that either side quitting before move 10 doesn’t count against your rank. I know here you can cancel a game before you make a first move, but I’m currently in a game where my opponent made one move and then stopped responding. Maybe for a lot of different time controls this doesn’t matter much, but for Normal time controls it means I have to wait 20 minutes just in case they suddenly show up again and make a move, hoping I’m distracted / gone. Does a resignation annul the game before move ten here?

Apologies if this has come up before, I checked the FAQ and didn’t see it.

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I think it automatically annuls if you resign before you both players have played a move.

If a player has apparently abandoned a game, you can notify the moderators by reporting it (using the menu on the side).


okay, thank you.

The ‘cancel’ button changes to a ‘resign’ button at the point where the game will count. This currently occurs after both players have played a move.

You’re quite right. One of the many reasons I prefer fischer timing even for live games (online).


Two-move games do not get automatically annulled. Once a person makes a move, they cannot cancel, and when both players have made a move, the game counts. Playing one move and then resigning, is a standard technique used by rank-manipulating sandbaggers, and you should report the incident any time it happens, so a moderator can annul the game.


If a player plays one move and then waits twenty minutes to play again hoping you quit, Mods will tell you that players can use their clock however they want and that it’s your fault for leaving.

That is, of course, a sticky problem. The answer is not to play long main time. Play 5 minutes main time, with 5 x 1 min, or with 5 x 30 sec. Or play 5 min Fischer time with 5-minute increments to a 5 minute limit. Also, be sure to block anyone who plays like that.

I like not being stressed by time but it often happens that if i don’t hurry up in my first moves some players just leave. It’s to a point that i do hesitate to write usual politeness at first.
I know there is nothing that can be made besides reoffering and hope the next player will respect my time settings.

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