Does Fox Go Server use superko? International Online Matches and OGS

It is known from existing precedents that even though the written text of the Chinese rules say something like “repetitions of the whole board are forbidden in principle, but the rules of the tournament may allow some repetitions like triple ko to end without result”, the actual Chinese practice in almost all tournaments (for example in pro games) is to always void triple ko.

In fact “strict superko application”, allowing many “pathological” situations like this and this, seems to be a western invention (and used in written AGA rules), in the process of “strictly formalizing rules” as an alternative to following “common sense / case by case rule precedents for truly exceptional situations” and leaving the rules (a bit) informal.

Most western go servers (like KGS and OGS) when configured with Chinese rules, choose the (formally simpler, computer-program-friendly) strict-superko version, and automatically disallow any repeating move. Does Fox also use superko, or does it allow repetition? How does it handle triple ko?

A Chinese online server allowing void games because of triple ko would be interesting, and I thought none of the mainstream servers behaved that way. But I found that Fox was used for an important international match, where it is explicitly indicated that triple ko is a void game.

Specially if it turns out that Fox voids triple ko games, does it matter for running Chinese Rules OGS international matches that no configuration of Chinese Rules at OGS allow the repetition move? (That is, there is no “Chinese Rules but without superko” version).

If such a game must be voided an admin can intervene, but if instead the game “would continue but can’t due to OGS strict superko” (say, one player wants to take right now but can’t due to superko rule, and the rival player says she would not loop infinitely but simply play somewhere else after the forbidden superko move were made, so the game should continue according to the match rules and the superko-forbidden move be made), then a match with such rules as the one linked would be blocked by OGS strict superko (an admin would probably have to intervene and fork the game if that particular situation happened).


I only started to use Fox recently but such multi ko repetition seems to be allowed during analysis. I have no idea how it behaves during games, but this is already different from OGS (where such moves are blocked even in analysis iirc). There are also some auto-bot-refereeing tools I haven’t tried yet.

I asked around my chinese friends who use fox but sadly noone did encounter the situation. They think the game would be annuled, but that’s just their opinion.

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