Does OGS automatically save all games?

Hi. I played a game last night and it was a really good one. But then I went to review it and I can no longer look at old games. I used to be able to just click on the past game and review. Is there any way to recover my play through?


hi there.

All your games are saved on OGS - just look at the History on your profile

Here’s the direct link - just click on the game you want to have a look at.


Your games history is in your profile.
You can access your profile by using the OGS menu (click the OGS logo on top left, then click profile at the bottom of the menu)

You can access your profile too, by clicking on your name and in the little pop-up, click your name again.


Here are your last games from your profile page:

Is the game you’re looking for in that list?

To open it you have to click on game’s name, which is hidden in this viewing mode (smartphone). You have to scroll right to see it:


Great thanks everyone! I wasn’t clicking on the right thing in my History this helped!