Does OGS connect to ""

For the last week or so, when I log on to OGS, my browser tries to establish a connection in the background to “,” which is blacklisted on my network. It does not cause a problem in the functionality of OGS, just a popup from my internet filter saying that the connection was blocked.

Is the connection to “” due to a new feature of the site? I don’t think that this is caused by any of my browser extensions because OGS is the only site where I have the issue. Has anybody else seen something similar?

No we do not I’m not sure why this would happen… maybe check browser extensions or possible malware that might have gotten installed?

Okay thanks. I will look elsewhere for the solution. Correlation does not imply causation, I suppose. is an extension for firefox and chrome that attempts to remove things like facebook like buttons, and in general social media connection / tracking “stuff”. It’s most definitely nothing we are doing, that is an extension you have installed.

(It’s also not considered malware I don’t think, at least I hope not, I have it installed over here too :))

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