Does OGS have a hostname + port?

I want to use a client for Mac (Goban) to connect to OGS, as I find the browser experience clunky.

Is there a hostname + port I can use to do that?

Any program connecting to the OGS interface must follow its API guidelines. I doubt Goban can do that if it does not explicitly say so (for what I can tell, it was built for Pandanet/IGS).

But I’m just a regular user. Maybe someone more qualified can confirm that this is the case?


Leira is correct that you need a compatible client.

As far as I know, the only non-browser clients that support OGS are the mobile phone apps.

If you’re on the desktop, then I think you need to use the browser client, or write your own :slight_smile:

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What about the games like Conquest of Go and Just Go and them on steam?

Any ideas on how they connect?

rest apis and socket-io.

The backed doesn’t care much about what is running on your site. The same APIs are used by browser, phone apps, and anything else communicating with the OGS backend.

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Yes - there are apis there (and the mobile apps use them as well).

But you can’t just take the ogs hostname and port number and plug it into any old app…

Well… you can, but it might not do anything useful :yum:

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All this discussion begs the question: Is that how Pandanet still works? I’m very genuinely curious. Goban is a very ancient app.

I know, back in the day, they used a Telnet protocol, which truly was pretty much plug-and-play. IIRC, the board state was sent in a text diagram not much different from the ones used in Sensei’s Library. All the client would do is present them with nice graphics and interpret moves as text messages. But you might as well have played from a text console, for all the server was concerned.

However, it was my understanding that they ditched Telnet something like a decade ago. Did they not?

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