Does our ability to edit OGS forum posts time-out / end?


After I post to the OGS forums, I’m accustomed to being able to edit that post by hitting the little pencil icon highlighted above. It’s a very useful and handy feature.

I just went back to a thread I posted last January, and tried to edit it - and the little pencil icon was gone:

Is this a site feature that times-out after a certain interval? or after a fixed number of edits for that page?

This is with regards to the 19x19 teaching series, and I was hoping to use the 1st article in the series as an index for all the other articles - i.e. something I would continue to update as I went along.

Is this a possibility? Or should I explore other options?

Please and thank you!


Yeah, I remember wanting to mark a post as outdated in the title but it was way too old.


After 1 month, you cannot edit your posts anymore. There is no time limit on wiki posts.

Moderators can still edit old posts.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Hmmm., well, I guess I’m going to have to change my plan and create the index in the latest article in the series, rather than the 1st article.

I think trying to make that huge 19x19 article into a wiki could end up messy if everyone goes in there and starts editing, so I’ll figure out another way that doesn’t involve me bugging the mods for edits every few weeks or so.

Thanks again


I think there might also be a time limit on when you can remove likes. I’ve tried to remove my like from posts I made a year or two, and I get a stop-sign cursor on mouse-over.

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This limit expires within minutes, I think. You won’t be able to remove likes you made earlier today.


I guess you’re stuck with this one forever then :wink:


Not that it matters, but regulars can edit thread titles forever ^____^


Totally, I didn’t notice that. Thanks!

Is there a reason we can edit other people’s titles? Seems like a lot of power to give someone just for being a “regular”

It hasn’t been abused yet. Most trolls aren’t that dedicated, it takes a while to get regular.
It helps when experienced users of the forum can adjust a title to more accurately reflect the poster’s intent.

Further, mods can see edit history and remove regular status if needed.