Does the Chinese Weiqi Association have a working website?

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A good source of information could be weiqi tiandi, but i even don’t know if this monthly publication is still published.
I can’t provide more but that may be a start.

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Another way is to contact clubs or organisation who are or were in contact with.

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A few people on Sensei’s Library looked into this recently but couldn’t find anything.

I use the Perfect Weiqi Database for information on Chinese players. It’s quite complete and up to date. Credit to @aesalon for showing me that site.

If you’re looking for updates on higher profile players and tournaments, you can also consider the Chinese Wikipedia.

You might also find a little bit of the more noteworthy happenings reported in the AGA E-Journal (ie. the US Go site blog). That’s much more focused on the Japanese scene though.

Also, Go to Everyone is useful, although I haven’t looked up Chinese events there yet.

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