Does this program exist?


I’ve been thinking about an idea for a piece of Go software that I might start working on, but I wanted to know if it already exists. Essentially, I would start off by providing it with a list of sgf files (intended use is to provide it with every professional game I can get my hands on). Then, using a standard goban interface, it would be possible to navigate the full directory of games, with each new position showing all known next moves, as well as various bonus information, such as number of occurences, filenames of sgf’s containing current position, ultimate win percentage by color for all known continuations.

Can anyone recommend a program that already does this, or do I have my work cut out for me?

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If you go to the library section of this site (OGS) you can do that. But instead of you providing it with sgf’s it searches games played through this site.

I don’t know about anything which will let you use your own sgf’s, but that doesn’t mean it dosen’t exist.

sounds a lot like what my site does

Thanks for replies so far.
The library search function was actually better suited for my request than I realized, but it’s still missing the core functionality of highlighting all known next moves on the goban.
Dyonn’s website really seems to capture the spirit of what I want, thanks for the hint!

Edit: upon a bit further reviewing of Dyonn’s website, I get the sense that it’s an editor for a single wiki-like sgf (paths leading to games identified by name still end around move 20). If someone knows of an offline program that provides functionality similar to the site, but across a directory of sgf’s, that would be the answer to my request.

There are many programs that can do this kind of thing. I find to be the easiest as you don’t have to download anything. It doesn’t have the largest database but it’s enough I’d say


Thanks Pempu, that’s does exactly what I was looking for! And the database seems to be large enough to void any need for me to be able to replace it with my own, so offline mode is irrelevant.
Here’s another site that does pattern searching over pro-games, but it’s mainly focusing on joseki.