Donation currency


I would like to become a site supporter, no matter if I have a gold, platinum or diamond badge. That’s not an issue for me but the fact that you are doing a great job.

However, I would like to know whether the currency stated at the support site is local currency or USD. My question arises from the fact that, after thanking for the support there is a slider stating:
$number/mes (“mes” meaning month in Spanish). Therefore, I would like to know whether the amount I will be charged is in USD or Argentinean pesos (which is my local currency).

Thank you in advance for your reply. Kind regards,


If you are using our built-in interface then that’ll be in USD.

Maybe this site should consider accepting bitcoin.

We’ve investigated that before through Coinbase but their systems weren’t reliable enough when we were checking them out a year or so ago. Might definitely be worth looking into again!

I’ve heard Mycelium is good, haven’t tried it