Don't allow pause in correspondence tournaments and ladder games


I just took a look on some of my long-running correspondence tournaments. In 2 of them the last pending games were “Paused”.
One of these games is on pause for 4 months, no stone played jet and the player which paused it isn’t around for month.
I asked the players in question to continue their games and will inform the tournament director if they don’t. But I wonder how many tournament games are unnoticed on pause.

I would like if the “Pause” is either not possible in correspondence tournaments or at least has some time limit.

Proposition: Replace 'Pause' Function with a 'Request Pause' Function

You should be able to unpause yourself, is that not so? Basically allowing to pause is a curteous option, not obligatory at all.

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Not my games. Only in tournaments I participated in. I’ve no way to unpause others games.

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Very much agree. See also:


Yeah, that makes sense. I will push the idea onto devs.

Or at least having the option in tourney creation would be nice.


Unless I’m mistaken, the Fast Corerspondence tourneies specifically state that if you vacation or pause the moderator has the option to call it for the other person.

So is it simply the case that this should be exercised?

(I’m totally for not allowing pause in those games as a rule/mechanic, as well)

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As far as I can tell, tournament directors are not empowered to call games. I use the same message in my fast tournaments but I would have to call a Mod in to act upon it.


In my experience, the directors do have that power. It might be, though, that instead of just calling the game result they have to actually disqualify one or both players from the tournament and then the game is ended by “Disqualification”.

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Some people also play during the pause. To reduce notification spam? ^^ As long as they’re not the only people left playing, I don’t really mind. One of my opponents vanished for a month so I paused the game for 2 weeks, but he didn’t come back so I unpaused again…

Yea I wouldn’t disable it for tourneys in general (only for titled tourneys) but make it optional.