Don't allow to create variations just like that

As an observer of a game, I want to use the Analyze feature but do not want to be surprised by the Share button.

Because, as far as I can see, I then cannot undo this action - I’ve added noise to a game.

The system should at least warn that clicking “Share” will perform an irreversible action.

I wanted to try this analyse mode on a random game (this one:

Well, to be fair I think “share” kind of implifies that others might be able to see it :smiley:

In my opinion another pop-up box everytime one want to share a variation would be rather annoying while kibitzing or sharing quick thoughts on an ended game.

But rest assured anything you do (chatting or sharing variations) is invisible to both players until the game is concluded (only other observers can see it) which I think is the main concern about this.


As Adam said, players can’t see any other comment or variation but their until the end of the game.
So don’t be afraid to add noise to the game or to disturb players.
At worst you added noise just to the game record. :slight_smile:

BTW, @AdamR, for that very reason I didn’t notice for a long time you accusing me to be a bully! :wink:

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