Don't get sound

I do not get sound of stones put on the board when watching a game.
All the settings are correct, volume is turned on (in the settings and on my laptop) :slight_smile:
I also tried in another browser. All other web pages with sound like youtube… do work just fine.
Lastly I tried different speakers not no avail.

I’m saying this just because I once did it myself: Is there any chance you have muted the OGS tabs?

When you go in the settings, in Sound preferences, is everything on?


all the souhnd settings are on and I also thought of the browser tab, even tried muting/unmuting it

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Hello apfelholz,
few general ideas that come to mind…

ONLY the stone sounds are missing? or is it all sounds on OGS?

Try pressing ctl+f5, this should reload the page AND cache completely (on most common browser), on the off chance that there some corrupted files from before.

could you try opening your browser’s developer tooles (ctrl+shift+i on most browsers) and copy pasting any errors that appear in the “console” tab while on the game page? (give it a few seconds to load after).

Other than that the only boilerplate advice that comes to mind is to try and disable any extensions, adblockers etc. in case that’s where the interference comes from.

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what do you mean?
OGS sound in both browsers doesn’t work?

I already tried disabling adblocker but ctrl+F5 did the trick - thx a lot

yes, no sound in 3 broswers but the tip from AdamR with ctrl+F5 helped - thx for trying to help

sorry but the problem still exists but I can now clarify it more:
I don’t get any sound when watching tournament transmissions like right now from EGF accounts

watching a normal game has sound
playing myself has sound

with EGF transmissions nothing helps (also not hard refreshing the tab or turning off adblocker)

maybe these entries from the development tool do help:

EGF is review, not game


so, you are talking not about no sound in playing game or watching game

you are talking about no sound when someone else placing stone in review
I have no sound in such case too

then this is not a bug, just an annoying feature?
because having no sound in those reviews sucks a lot (when players are thinking for a long time I do other things but then there is never a sound that informs me took at the game again…)

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I think the problem isn’t a lack of sound in reviews, I think most people don’t want that.

The main issue is users are forced to hijack the review board to transpose live games because no better option exists.

I think what we really need is a purpose built game transcription board distinct from play and review.


I get it if players don’t want sound in a review but in a live transmission of a tournament game I bet I’m not the only one wanting sound
why not simply giving the option to choose yourself?