Don't understand this Tsumego app

Following the advice to use Tsumego as a learning tool, I downloaded an app for my phone, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to use it.

I have another app that gives me daily problems and such, which is easy enough. But this one one, just called TsumeGo, which comes from, is confusing me. It starts with a home screen that shows a black stone with “All level” next to it, and a white stone that says “All life and death.” I can’t select either of these. Then there’s an arrow that sends me to a series of problems. In each problem, if I click where it approves, it gives me a green checkmark, but it only allows one move on each puzzle. I can’t find anything that tells me why one move is better than another, and I have no ability to play out the rest of the sequence to see the consequences. It has a book icon, from which one would expect directions, but it only gives a blank screen.

I can do Tsumego online, but this would be handy for times when I only have my phone.

I’m not sure what or how I’m supposed to learn from this. Any advice?


Maybe you could get an sgf editor app and enter the problems there. Then you could explore variations, add comments and save your work. Just use the app to confirm you got the right answer. And if you don’t understand, ask for help on the forum when convenient.

This wouldn’t be much different than using a real board and stones while working through a book or a pdf.

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Or open a demo in OGS…
Some life and death books don’t even have answers! A way to be paradoxically sure you’re right and you searched…

Thanks for the replies. I finally just deleted this app, as I have another one that gives me basic problems and helps me understand why one move is correct, while others are not. I’m a beginner, and still struggle with seeing patterns and such, so this should be good exercise for me. Perhaps I’ll revisit this one when I have more experience.

In any case, you may rejoice with me; I have now played enough games on OGS to receive a ranking. You may welcome the newest 25k to the board! I’m working on the advice to play as many games as possible, and it does seem to help, though so do the exercises and problems in the beginner materials.

Onward and downward! (in kyu, of course). :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the website and the world of go.

There are a lot of go apps out there. Some are better than others and some are pure garbage. Thank you for the review of one that seems to be worth avoiding.

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Thanks. I have another one called TsumegoPro from LR Studios that is much more useful.

I use that one, I like the dayly selection. Only small defect is a few problems were wrong.