Double approaches in Joseki Explorer?

Can you use Joseki Explorer to learn about double approaches to a corner stone when the first player tenukis, e.g., what to do after two low approaches to a stone at the 4-4 point, and if so how?

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You can! Like this! :slight_smile:
You just use the “Pass” button.

Yes, that’s natural, but when I try it, I don’t see the recommended follow-up moves shown in your link.

Could you perhaps link to your attempt, and we can try and diagnose what is going wrong?

It’s OK. What’s going wrong is in my head. I just played the two symmetric white moves in the wrong order!

Wait. R16 P17 Pass. No follow-ups are shown.

For White continuations, see Position 5621 .

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Oh, OK, that’s a different answer from your original, it doesn’t involve the Pass button. But thanks!

Yes, a different requested position has a different answer. But if you read the description on the moves as you play them, you’ll see they both point you in the right direction.

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OK, thanks muchly!