Double games in a new tournament?

Hi -

A tournament that I started in the DDK group began today - and everyone got TWO games with each opponent, and TWO start messages. The tournament in question is and was designed as a single round robin with ten players. Any idea what happened?

Also, each of the doubled games points back to this one tournament page - so I don’t know what’s going to happen when the second game finishes and one has already been recorded as the tournament result.


Not only this, the games that were started are NOT one each of black and white, but are doubled.

I think this tournament needs to be properly restarted. Can someone take care of this?


We’re now well into playing both sets of games, but could I at least get an acknowledgment that this is heard, and that it’s recorded so that you can try to check out what happened?

Hello @DrQuantum – Todd,

in such relatively urgent cases I’d always recommend mentioning (and thus summoning) @anoek and/or @matburt, perhaps preferably anoek since he is now our full-time developer.

I have notified, and something should happen soon.

Greetz, Tom

Yep we know it happened, this used to happen a lot until we fixed the issue. The key thing for us is making sure there aren’t two queue processors running to handle tournaments… we had a failure on one at an inopportune time that caused another one to start and they both ended up processing games for the tournament.

This shouldn’t happen again but let us know if you see it.

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So am I correct in assuming that, out of the two games between each pair of opponents, it is the game which finishes first that will count for the tourney? Or will the second one’s result overwrite the first?