Double games in tournaments

In recent tournaments, 2 games were created.
Happened first time in this McMahon in the 3rd out of 4 rounds (The 4th Gosei Kanren Memorial Cup), around May 18. I have games against RapidKiwi and Kadare in this round.
Also happened in this 13x13 round robin, with 2 games against each other player: Correspondence 13x13 RoundRobin 2023-06-11 19:00


This bug also happened a few months ago in another tournament, and affected all players of the tournament:

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Strange. Seems this problem has been showing up for some time already, although it may not happen for every tournament. I wish somebody could look into this and find a fix

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Yes, there’s a bug report already for this. (and another linked bug of 4 games at once !)

It appears to happen from time to time. Perhaps the devs aren’t sure how to fix it.

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