Double games in Weekly Correspondence tournament

The just created weekly correspondence tournament below seems to have created two games with each of the opponents in my bracket, although both games seem to link back to the tournament, but only one of each seem to show up in the bracket.

Example games with one opponent:

In the bracket, only the 11179666 game seems to show up.

Is everything working?


Please address this issue …

Pinging @anoek

i decided to test whether the duplicate games affect the tourney stats and no they don’t, i resigned one of my matches and made sure it was the one that isn’t linked from the bracket and that bracket outcome was unaffected. so it seems all the duplicates are just friendly matches on the side with no effect on the tournament bracket

nvm they do in a weird way, the couple i resigned for testing purposes don’t have a win/loss outcome posted but the persons i resigned to did get a point, they were -10 now they are -9. very strange