Doubt about Point System

Bobby = :white_circle: = 24.5
Mahtab = :black_circle: = 24

Why does it say “Bobby won by 3.5 points”?
He won by 0.5 right ?
Am i missing some rule?

It makes sense under area scoring with 7.5 komi. Black’s area is 46, white’s area is 35. White gets 7.5 komi for a total of 42.5 points, therefore black wins by 3.5.

I don’t know where the 18 and 24 comes from. Maybe these are captures? Maybe they don’t match up because there have been handicap stones or passes?

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White’s komi is 6.5 not 7.5 & white won not black

Is this an OGS game? If so, maybe one of the mods can look into it. A link to the game might help, otherwise all we can do is speculate about what possibly caused this score.

It’s BadukPop, not OGS.
@UTkarsh661: you should write an e-mail to

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It does look like something is a bit off alright.

I thought White was winning by 2.5 if I understand correctly.

It should be territory scoring where the score is:

White: 10 territory + (6+18) captures +6.5 komi
Black: 14 territory + 24 captures

So then

White: 40.5
Black: 38

So White+2.5.

As another data point here’s another game scored as White +3.5 by baduk pop when it should be White+2.5.


That’s hillarious :smiley: but yes. I couldn’t believe that something like that would blow past the authors and users, so I downloaded it too, but indeed the app is off by one somehow. :smiley:

Maybe it’s one of those viral ad campaigns? I mean two people downloaded it already just to see :smiley:


around 1 million downloads, a good rating of 4.5,
how can such a basic feature be broken?

It could possibly happen due to some update/patch for instance.

Since the ai scores all games, I’ve seen games shared before, where there’s some potential for the score to change, like a way for one group to live, or stones that could potentially be captured to change the territory count but the game was passed and went to scoring.

Then the ai can score that in strange ways, depending on the kind of algorithm they use.

So maybe they updated to fix some edge case and it led to some off by one thing.

Why don’t you ask on the baduk pop forums?