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Hello, a good idea, is that we can download all the games in SGF, but not 1 by 1, as it is today, if not in the database of all the games, I played about 900 games, and to find the games that I They made teach games, I waste a lot of time looking for them on the page, it is also a good idea to print the games and analyze them on the board, also you can give as an option to the players who donated on the site or per month. What do you think of the idea?
I see that there were several similar queries in the past best regards !
Alma Confundida


Yea, it would be a quality-of-life feature. Shouldn’t be too hard, either, but probably requires backend access (zip/tar all gamefiles, send as a package).


Described a little more in detail here:


Windows not work :frowning:

Yeah just download the zip from releases

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I did a quick search and found this python script:

There are python releases for Windows.


i dont have idea pyton :frowning: , im bad in tecnology

  1. Click here to go to OGSGFGet Releases Page

  2. Click on (to download) “”

  3. Find where you saved it (likely your downloads folder) and extract the contents.
    The downloaded .zip file and its extracted contents:

  4. Double click (to run) the file “OGSGFGet.exe” and follow the instructions to retrieve your desired .sgf collection.


Hi… Is this still working? Is it a good way to download your OGS database at once? Man that would be so great if you could download your all your games at once like in Lichess…

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