Hello! I was working on a really hard go problem today and could not finish it I actually need a bit more time to study it before I post it… but, after noticing that I needed more time to study it I already had a lot of work done on it… so I had to delete my hard work and will have to re-do it next time I was hoping there could be a save as draft feature in the future maybe yes? :D! That way works do not get lost when you want to finish them at a later date.


Well, an immediate solution would be to save it to a private collection - later when you’re ready to make it public, just edit it and save it to one of your public collections.

Still, a draft feature might be a cool addition to have… especially if it auto-saved periodically. I’ll ponder on it some more… but the private collection trick should be better than nothing in the meanwhile :slight_smile:


Ohhh! I wish I would have thought of that -- I left it up for like an hour hoping I would be able to think of a solution but then it started making my browser lag so I had to exit it -___- ! Will make this a future note :D! Thanks!!