Drawing tool broken in reviews

I think the drawing tool is broken in reviews - something to be aware of if you try to use it.

Whether or not the marks appear to the reader of the review is messed up.

If you look at this review

there are marks made by the reviewer about options at Move 38.

The reviewer themselves is confused whether their marks are saved.

In fact they are, but the only way to see them is to click on the chat-move-link for that position.

Once you do click there, the marks never go away - they clutter up the board unless you reload the page.

Or at least, that is my experience.


It seems to be the same for me.

I suppose you can always click the eraser button to get rid of them, and if you want them back, again click the move number as you mentioned.

I stopped using pentool in my reviews cuz I am tired of asking newbies if they see this and that.

If you don’t type anything in chat on the move you made the drawings, are the drawings still visible and how would one see them?

Why don’t pentools function in the same way as “1,2,3” or “A,B,C” on reviews?

I’d like to note, I think it is not exactly the same for demo boards. I tried it and drawings don’t show up even if you type something in chat and click the move number later on. Can someone confirm this?

anoek acknowledged this is a bug

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