Dropped from 9x9 Ladder

It looks like I may have been dropped from the 9x9 ladder. I did not remove myself from the ladder and would like to be back in it where I had previously been at around #220.

Any help here possible or do I have to start over again.


You timed out of this 9x9 ladder game: http://online-go.com/game/695493

So now you have 1) finish a correspondence game (taking longer than 24 hours to complete) 2) re-enter from the bottom.

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Thank you.

So, if I complete any correspondence game, e.g., a 13x13 ladder game, I will be automagically reinstated in the 9x9 ladder?

I think you will have to rejoin the ladder after you have finished the correspondence game.

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This is the case. Timing out on a ladder game or tournament game drops you from that ladder or tournament.

Hi, I’ve been dropped from the 9x9 ladder. I was around number 30 or 40 something and climbing, I went away for a few days and when I got back, BLAM, I’d been dropped. Now it won’t let me join at all. Do I really have to start again at 500+…? If so, how? (It won’t let me join, I click join and challenge someone, make my first move then it seems to auto-drop me).

Really annoying… and hyper-gutting as I played loads of games to climb up the ladder and now that all seem a bit like wasted time.

Is there any way I can get re-instated? I had no idea I could be ejected from the ladder and I was only away for a few days…

Hi @jascha you are now considered to be “timeout provisional”.

You’ll need to play 1 rated correspondence game lasting more than 24 hours to clear the timeout provisional status which will then allow you to rejoin the ladder. If you have any games still going on in the ladder and you win them after rejoining then you will advance to wherever that player is but currently this is the only reprieve if you timeout and are removed from the ladder.

In the future, considering turning vacation on if you are going to be away in such a way that you may time out any games.

There was some discussion in this thread about potential ideas for softening the impact of accidentally timing out from a ladder game. I liked the suggestion of having players drop a limited amount in the rankings, rather than all the way to the bottom, for a timeout.


A bit extreme a response, being dropped from the ladder. Not a fan.