Dropped from Ladder because opponent withdrew

My opponent decided to resign our game and withdraw from the 19x19 site ladder. Since I was the one to challenge him, I was supposed to move up to above his spot on the ladder when I won. But because he’s no longer in the ladder, there was no place for me to go. Now I’m not in the ladder anymore.
This is sad because I worked so hard to get that high up. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there any way I can get added back to the ladder at the same spot so I don’t have to start back at the bottom?
Here’s the game: Ladder Challenge: dolphinie(#250) vs Trevoke(#159)


In case of you have still a challenge running and i think if you win it you should reintegrate it. (See the FAQ)
That’s not optimal solution but still gives you a chance.
If that is not the case, i dunno. But maybe there is a way?

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Okay, that’s reassuring. It looks like I might have a chance at that in two of my other challenges.


I recommend rejoining the ladder just in case you win another challenge, then you can rise from that.

Other than that, the team will look into the bug, and see if we can manually fix the position issue.

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It’s not a bug: a few days ago you have timed out of a ladder game. Timing out of ladder games kicks people from the ladder (to prevent places being occupied by absent people, who could in theory spend a long time on the ladder if they are continuously re-challenged and time out of ongoing challenges). After this game your newer game was finished while you were not part of the ladder anymore.

I’ve moved you back to the position you were in before.


and me too : that was the missing piece of the puzzle! Well done @Vsotvep!

Little trick if someone challenge you and you think you will have too many time constraints, you can cancel the challenge at your first move. You will lose a place but still stay in the ladder.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for putting me back in my previous position! Hopefully I won’t time out again any time soon.

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