Dropped from ladder


It seems I have benn dropped from the ladder 19… It seems to me a problem…

You timed out in 3 ladder games, 2 19x19 1 9x9. Therefore you are probably dropped from 9x9 ladder too. If you time out in a ladder game you get disqualified.

Yeah - That timing out thing is a bummer - I found out I’d timed out of a game I didn’t even know I’d been challenged to. I guess that’s why I’m not in the 19x19 ladder any more…

No disrespect intended, but how can you not know that a ladder challenge game has started? Is there an option to receive am email when a ladder game begins?

Maybe - it was a while ago and I was having trouble getting online - The point is that I didn’t accept any challenge - the game just started and ended without me.

I just went back and checked the game and it seems one stone was played, but I promise you I have no memory whatsoever of playing it - I have no idea what went on there…

You don’t need to accept a ladder challenge. When you’re on a ladder you agree for the challenges to happen. Since it’s correspondence, you don’t need to be online at that time. If you can’t be online for some days but participating in a ladder, please turn on vacation.

You can set email notifcations to inform you both of a started game and that’s it your turn in a game. Those both should work.


Well all of life is a learning experience - To be honest the thing that bothered me about it was I got “This user has recently timed out” on my profile - Kind of having a white feather glued to my forehead.

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LOL, now I want a JPEG of that :smiley:

If such a thing existed I would track down all copies and delete them with such vim and vigour that Hollywood would be falling over themselves bidding for the film rights

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Perhaps we should suggest to @anoek and @matburt to paste a white feather over the avatar images of people who have recently timed out… I think that might be funny :smiley:

(Okay, most people probably won’t appreciate that kind of whacky humour ;-))


If you’re collecting votes then mine will definitely be among them

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