Duplicate a demo

What would be the easiest way to get a new demo, copy of a demo?

I’m still not so confortable with using these tools, sorry.

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Maybe downloading and reuploading an SGF file?


From a demo board, it is possible to download the SGF. I’m not sure about uploading an SGF to create a demo board, but I think you can view an uploaded SGF and start a review from that, which functions much like a demo board?


When viewing a demo board, there should be a button on the right side (or at the bottom of the page on mobile) that says Download SGF

Sorry, I’m confused about your question. Do you want to download the SGF from a demo board? Or create a demo board from an uploaded SGF?

For the first case, you can find a button at the bottom of the mobile interface to download the SGF file.

For the second, the best that I know of is to upload the SGF, view it, and starting a review, but maybe that is not what you want? And maybe there is a better way to do this. I don’t really use these features much and probably someone else could be of better help.

I have a demo i made myself (the record of the all-in-one democratic game). No sgf.

I want to duplicate it so i can search variation on the duplicate without annoying others who use the original.

If i can convert it into a sgf file, save this sgf, and then create a new demo from this sgf that could do the trick.

Ok i almost succeed

1 download the demo into sgf

2 upload the sgf into library

3 open the sgf

4 create a review

Checked the list of demos in my profile: job done!

Still a problem, when i want to change the name of this duplicate demo of the original demo (using game information )

Any idea why and how ?

I found another topic/request on this.

Can this be solved or is there another way to get my duplicate demo?

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