Duplicate account

I have an annoying problem with somehow being registered twice on the site. I believe I may have initially signed up with my @googlemail.com address and lateron with the same address,but @gmail.com .
Now I have a new phone and for some reason when I sign in via G+ I get into an almost empty account with no games played. On my tablet I sign in with G+as well and I get my normal account with all the games I played and am playing.

Same thing happens on my work computer versus my laptop. Both run chrome logged into my Google account, but I end up in different OGS accounts.

Is there a problem with OGS or something you can do to resolve it by a DB change? Or is there anything I could do different?

PS: this had been written on my phone with the unused account

Just for demonstration, this post was made from my laptop with the working account I’m using to play games.

Some more info: I just found out that there seem to be two distinct accounts indeed, based on the URLs for my user profile.
In my working account (the older one) the profile is showing a user ID of 559 and on my phone and work PC I get the user account 165340 instead.

Is this even the right place for a bug report? No answer for almost a month is not very promising :frowning:

Summoning @anoek

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And how would I summon him? Pentagrams, goat blood, candles and chanting should do the trick right?


All have potential! But the @ in front of his name already did it so spare the goat will you :wink:.

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It does indeed look like one account is registered via @googlemail.com and the other through @gmail.com, which is why our system created two accounts. I suspect what we’ll want to do is finally get around to adding support for linking multiple social-auth accounts to an OGS account, then we can unify those for you. After v5 is in production I’ll revisit that.


I have an additional request until the merge is possible. Unfortunately my Internet provider has some problems that will still take a few days to resolve. Until then I’m without Internet access on any of the machines I’m actually able to play games from.

Could you please set my other main account into vacation mode so I don’t time out on all my games? For the above reasons I cannot do that myself currently. Thanks also in the name of my current opponents.

Moin @raiser.frank/@Erasmas,[quote=“raiser.frank, post:8, topic:10088”]
Could you please set my other main account into vacation mode so I don’t time out on all my games?
Leider konnte ich keinen Schalter finden, mit dem ich bei Dir den Urlaubsmodus einschalten könnte … sadly I couldn’t find the switch to send you in vacation so I’ll also have to summon @anoek, maybe he can do something.

Herzlichen Gruß aus der Heide,


I’m finally back online (thanks provider) and lost all my games on time by now.

Also, the new version is now up and it got even worse for me. Despite being online, my Chrome browser no longer displays the google sign in on the sign in page. The same page loads with the google sign in f.ex. in the Edge browser, but lo and behold, it signs me into the wrong account.

In summary, I can currently not play any games at all as I cannot log into my account :frowning:

@anoek is there any place I can follow the progress towards being able to merge my Accounts? I’m kind of getting withdrawal symptoms when not being able to play go…and I’d like not having to go elsewhere for my fix :frowning:

There are a number of higher priority things still, but what you can do now is set a password for those accounts and login via old fashioned login/password method (as well as still use the social auth button when applicable)

@anoek how do I set the password of an account I can no longer log in to? Since v5 I am unable on all my machines to log into my main account. Could an admin set up a fresh password for my Erasmas account please?

Done (though not an admin, just a plain mod). Please check your personal messages in the forum.