Dwyrin's "Back to basics" rules

I was a big Dwyrin’s fan for some time.
Even though I don’t follow regularly his channel no more, I often find myself quoting him or giving advice to watch his “back to basics” series.

So I thought it would be useful to summarise the “rules” I think I learned from that series.
It’s just my interpretation, don’t blame on him, just me. :grin:

So here they are:

• trust proverbs

• keep it simple: 4-4 are ok. 3-4 are ok (later you’ll learn how to orientate them)
• 4-4 approach - back-off
• learn just few simple joseki (such as 3-4 high approach)
• learn how to deal with simple 3-3 invasion
• if has enclosure take extension, if has extension take enclosure
• corners, sides, center (proverb)

• don’t ignore attach
• don’t ignore cap
• don’t ignore kick
• don’t ever be surrounded
• defend cuts
• a solid move is never a wasted move, it can save you troubles later
• make shape (shape shapy!)

• always ask yourself: where’s my profit?
• look for big moves
• take away opponent’s big moves
• keep your opponent’s weak groups separated
• fight only for a purpose and the purpose is territory
• don’t kill: threaten to kill for building (then, if your opponent doesn’t defend himself, you are allowed to safely kill)
• don’t play puppy go (bonus Haylee advice: after your opponent’s move, ask yourself “Is that sente?”)
• always hane at the head of 2 and 3 (proverb)
• double hane is powerful
• don’t let live dead stones (such as weird invasions)
• try to keep sente, initiative is good, but don’t stress it too much: solid moves are often gote

• reducing it’s better than invading
• if you need to invade, you already made some mistakes: don’t let your opponent build too much (see: take away opponent’s big moves)
• if you really need to invade, your invading stone must have at least two options to either live inside or escape
• if your invading stone hasn’t two options, just don’t!
• before invading: evaluate possible forcing moves (cuts, peeps)
• while invading, use as many forcing moves as you can to throw as many stones as possible in opponent’s territory
• if you want to live inside, you have to make shape
• be willing to lose some stones in the attempt

• wear Batman’s mask :bat:

Easy peasy! :grin:


An excellent summary. The only rule I would add is “pay attention to sector lines.”


Sector lines are a recurring theme indeed.

He also upgraded his tools to draw on the board: big improvement! :smile:

(I cannot get over how he butchers baduk’s pronunciation :-P)