E-mail address access and security

if i put an e-mail address in Settings, is it available for other users to see or use for any purposes other than specified? is the e-mail address protected in any way by OGS? Is it shared with the Forums provider or any other third parties?

that is, is the only way anyone knows my e-mail address is to hack OGS security and/or for me not to reply to any e-mail received?

I would tentatively say that only the server can see your email address but I guess I better ping @anoek for the security specifics

sonar systems receive echo return from a ping, any news yet? I was thinking to add to get notices of my turn in games with slow-moving opponent.

No! Your email is not public.

I reckon, yes. @anoek should give you the technical details on that.

No, OGS gives a virtual (i.e. generated by OGS) email address to the forum. You can see it in you forum profile.


also this might help: