E-mail notifications about move

I can’t find a way to set up e-mail reminder when somebody plays a move in my game and I need to respond.
Is it even possible ?
If I find it I can move from dragon to here :slight_smile:

Hey lukasz_lew,

it should be possible to do under https://online-go.com/user/settings .

If you look at the right side of the screen, there are a lot of filters for Emails that you can set, and then get notified. :blush:


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They appear in section ‘Destkop notifications fade after’. I does not say it is e-mail.
Also I didn’t get email notifications in last (only) game. Neither did my opponent.
Let me try again.

They definitely are the same notification because I can’t find a way to turn off e-mail notifications but keep desktop ones on.

Yeah, I just started a game and they work.
Maybe they didn’t work since I didn’t set it up as ‘correspondence’ game, just increased time limits.

Actually time modes are defined by the limits. If you set it explicitly to ‘correspondence’, it’ll produce some default time settings. However, bumping the limits high enough will cause the mode switch to ‘correspondence’ by itself.
(You could still have played a live game depending on how much you increased the time.)

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