Early Round Disqualification [Resolved]

In a multi-round tournament - the 2019 Mingren title in this case - if a player is disqualified in round 1 or round 2, aren’t they out of the remaining rounds?

I happened to be browsing the results of the round 2 tables and noticed that a player in my section in round 3 was disqualified in round 2. And now in round 3, they’re disqualified again because they timed out of all their Black games - the time to make the first move of the game happens to be multiple days shorter than the time to respond as White with move 2. :-/


If they are disqualified in round 3, it will also (confusingly) display “disqualified” next to their name for rounds 1 and 2 - is that what you are seeing?


Ah. Yes, that must be it; didn’t think of that. Thank you.

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