Easy HTML Embed for Reviewed Games

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I thought it might be a good feature for OGS to have an HTML embed feature where Go clubs could post/embed reviewed games on their website, for learning purposes. This way people Go clubs could post a reviewed game of the month instead of having to have the user redirected to OGS to view the review.

This would involve some sort of a sgf viewer, and possibly a GUI. Many chess communities have the same exact feature. I know this could possibly be done with an Iframe, but I think a clean embed or a javascript program would be more desirable for website admins.

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While I definitely see the appeal of having it linked up with OGS to pair the game viewer and game database, this would basically be replicating EidoGo’s functionality. (http://eidogo.com/source)

The OGS forums actually make use of that embedding code. You can embed eidogo into forum posts.