Effort erased

While I understand the evolution and improvement of OGS to a new ranking system, and for the record I say it is a good thing, the disclaimer that only a slight movement in your current ranking, is totally untrue. I just checked my “new” ranking and I went from 16K to 20K, I am devastated and angry. It as thought my 500 wins and hard work to even maintain a 16K means nothing! All they years playing here, and getting stomped, learning, striving to be better all has been trashed.

Should I have played better? That goes without saying, it easier to visualize SDK when you’re 16K vs 20K, it might not matter to most, but it matters to me, I hope there will be a formal process for those who dispute the rank issued by this new process, as I will be the first to protest, I know I am better than what has been handed to be, and I am willing to prove such.

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