Either OGS or bot is bugged - keeps counting wrong result

Either OGS or amybot is bugged. It keeps counting wrong result. Out here I got 90 pts. So my opponent has
13^2-90+komi = 169-90+7.5=79+7.5=86.5
as it says. So I won. Regardless OGS says the white won. It’s another game with this bot in a series where OGS has this problem. Is it frequent?

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The scoring algorithm is confused because that position is not settled: ​ There’s still B5.


Yes, Games against bots uses the OGS AI-driven auto-scorer rather than the score you see, which does not follow the rules of scoring go. Instead it finds good moves the players missed and carries on playing the game at a superhuman level until IT thinks the game is finished, and then scores that position, without telling you what that position was. It’s a terrible system and I would like it changed. There are numerous forum discussions about it.

If you play humans instead of bots you will at least have a chance to mark the board yourself to overrule the AI auto-scorer.


@Uberdude :smiley: Thank you very much. Seems like I need to end playing bots.


Something weird is going on for sure, since I see something different from your screenshot:

game link

What do others see? @VanquisherOfMisere do you still see it my way after a reload?

@Uberdude, I did a quick count and the given score breakdown matches what I see on the board. If you accept that the lone black stone is dead, isn’t it marked exactly in accordance with the normal rules of Go? While I do agree that autoscore is weird sometimes, there’s no hidden AI position here, and I’m not aware of bot games using a different autoscore algorithm from the normal one.

Maybe you’re thinking of the anti-stalling “server decision” scores, which are more controversial.

Anyway for completeness I’ll add that autoscore v3 scores it less surprisingly.


@Feijoa When I enter my finished games I see what you pasted. This is really odd. Seems like the results of games have nothing to do with the screen and division that pops up after we finish a game. Really weird software.


Did you get the manual scoring phase after a bot game? That’s not supposed to happen - as others have said bot games are always scored according to auto-score. If you report the game then mods may be able to annul the game or fix the result for you.

Who accepted that the black stone is dead though? Seems like neither of the game’s participants…

Sure, it’s not a great autoscore, I’m just objecting to @Uberdude’s claim that this scoring is completely counter to the normal rules of go.


I do concur with quitting bots, especially if you want to improve and have more variety in your games. :slight_smile:

If you still wish to play bots, you have options.

If you finish the board by playing until all the territories are clear, you can expect scoring to work correctly. It can just be tricky sometimes to spot weaknesses like B5 here, and much more elaborate cases. :wink:

You could also play on an app that lets you do the scoring vs bots, like Sabaki. You might have to download and install such an app, and also a bot. This is less convenient than OGS.

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