Email notifications missing?

This is definitely not the first report like this, so apologies if I should have posted in an existing thread, but I don’t see one for ~6 months. I just had a bunch of tournament games start up, without getting any game-started emails (I have the relevant box checked in my preferences).

Luckily I did get some emails about time running out (and they came at a time where I was going to be on the internet within the next 12 hours); I didn’t have any games running at the time so I haven’t been checking OGS regularly; missing this would’ve been pretty annoying for me (and the people I’m playing).

Have you checked your spam box? I suddenly stopped getting OGS emails as well for a period of time, but it turned out just to be my spam filter deciding to grab those emails for some reason.

No, nothing from OGS seems to be in the spam folder.