Email notifications stopped working for me

What I tried:

  1. Changed my email address => result: notifications do work for the alternate address
  2. Changed my email address back to my preferred address => result: Notifications do no longer work. I don’t even get the email-verification email for this address.

Nothing in spam folder either.
Preferred mail-address working perfectly fine otherwise.
Any suggestions?

I have the same issue. Last email from OGS was sent to me Fri, Dec 18, 2020, 1:11 PM. After this date no email from OGS.

It‘s an icloud address that‘s not working for me. If I switch to gmail, it works. So now I use gmail and forward to icloud.

You also use icloud?

No. GMAIL address is not working.

Hello @FritzS, sorry we seem to have missed the original post :confused:

This sometimes happens when several e-mails bounce back to the server (full mailbox or some random glitches, spam-filters), then the server stops trying altogether so to say.

I have asked our dev to check - @mikhail.trusfus, you should be all clear now, you might want to check, whether did not trigger some spam filter, but the e-mails should start coming again,

FritzS, unfortunatelly your account seems to be clear on our end (though it could have possibly reset thanks to the e-mail switch), let me know if you would preffer to try again with the old e-mail, if you switch back and it still does not work, we can have another look.

And sorry again for the original neglicence

Now it is working again. Just received OGS notification. Thank you.

Thanks Adam for looking into this!
I changed my mail address back to my icloud address. I didn’t get a verification mail (triggered by the change) and I also don’t get notifications now. (Tested by sending me a challenge from another OGS account while I’m offline on OGS with my own account.)

My icloud account works fine otherwise. Just received test-mails from work-account and from a GMX account with no issues.

I’ll keep the icloud address (which is not working) in my OGS settings for now so that you get a chance to have another look.

I have a good workaround available by sending OGS mails to gmail and forwarding to icloud so it’s not a big issue for me. But maybe this “ticket” can help pinpointing an issue in the OGS systems.

Thanks again!

Unfortunately, as far as we’re concerned your e-mail is not “blacklisted” and the messages should be going out, sorry :confused:

Just to repet the usual mantra (although I don’t expect that to be the problem at this point) you might want to check the “spam” and “commercial messages” folder, apart from that, I am out of ideas, sorry.

Thanks for checking.
I did check all the folders on icloud. No notifications anywhere unfortunately.
I will use the redirect via gmail which works fine.
Thanks anyway for trying!