Email verification still a problem

When trying to verify my email I just get a page that says verifying for a second and then a blank white page. I am doing it on my android phone and have tried both chrome and firefox.

Ive seen other posts about the same problem here that seems to have been resolved but it remains for me at least. Also, I cannot start a AI-match, but maybe this is a restriction for my rank or something?

Thank you in advance!

Same here, mail received, click on link, login and got a new mail, the process repeats.

Alternatively, session already started, mail received, click on link, message stating I’m verified, but no changes.

Am I missing a step? Maybe have to wait a few hours?


Hey, still no luck?
Try logging out and back again. If nothing helps, I will notify our devs :slight_smile: But the verification bug should have been solved, so it will make us sad :frowning:

Yes, actually now it works. I did nothing different though, so thank you whoever/whatever did/didn’t do something/nothing :slight_smile:

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Eh, glad it works. We had some minor server issues recently that were being worked on, so quite probably those could have been connected.

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@JackLucky all good now?

Yes, mail account verified. Thanks.

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