Emauton (9k) vs. kuxiv (9k)

This is a close game (0.5 points!) between two 9k players. We reviewed it together, but we both feel we could learn a lot from a stronger player’s take on the game.




https://online-go.com/review/98448 I made one.
Sorry only got Lee Sedol’s lunch break to work on it so it maybe not too throughout :smile:

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This is great, thank you Chinitsu. In particular:

  • the demonstration of why the high chinese works the way it does;
  • the illustration of solidifying your opponent’s shape with small pushing moves.

Thanks also for the other variations and examples. Really useful, I’ll be gazing at this one a bit more - I’m motivated to understand how white should take advantage of the strong position after move 66, probably the game should not have ended so close after that. :o)

Much appreciated!


Oh wait I thought you were black when I made that review, so I mostly focused on black’s problems o_0

I’ll come back later to give comments on white too, sorry xD

Thank you so much for going back over it - the notes about white’s dame moves vs. black’s non-dame were one of those lightbulb moments. :o) I will also not forget your note about slaying dragons at move 122!